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Our First Launch // Lembaran Pertama

Our First Launch // Lembaran Pertama

Kain itu dekat, berdampingan dengan alam dan kita
Selalu bersentuhan, tapi tak pernah berbicara


I think for a lot of Indonesians, the idea of textile is still inconceivable to be considered valuable. It’s a commodity not an inheritance that we treasure deeply from the past.

Textile means as a language for Indonesian tradition – a visual expression of the fabric of life;  intimate connection with spiritual beliefs, social status as well as cultural and personal identity. However, these values have gradually become more isolated from its inceptive context.

In my belief, preservation of our tradition has to come back to its root of philosophy. Philosophy which allows us to appreciate craftsmanship, to slow down and embrace each process of our life, and freedom of interpretation towards every object and its meaning. It leaves us emptiness when we are just imitating and exploiting traditional artefacts for the sake of today’s fashion. 

This is where Lana Daya is born out of a heart to seek-out and preserve the forgotten values of our culture. A pursuit to create a conscious community and deepen our cultural conversation at the heart of everything we do. 

A home which will encourage an exchange of knowledge in textiles and Indonesian specialised crafts. With this, we hope to see a new generation of socially aware artisans who have full ownership of their work. And this is how I fell in love with what I do, although it is not easy to make people understand why textiles can be very close and warm to us, I just want to keep writing this poem, for now.