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Care Guide
We sincerely put forth our best efforts into crafting our products for you and hope that they will always be in good care. Handle with gentleness during washing, drying, and storage, as most of our fabrics are meticulously handcrafted using traditional Indonesian techniques.

Our commitment to ethical practices centres at the very heart of our production where we honour Indonesia's traditional craftsmanship. It is essential to note that, due to the nature of handmade quality, you may encounter slight variations in colour and texture. Rather than seeing these as imperfections, we encourage you to embrace them, as they serve as a testament to the unique and authentic character of each piece.

Your support not only celebrates our heritage but also upholds our artisans and every gifted hand behind our creations. We wholeheartedly appreciate your choice of our products and for being a part of our journey.

Clarissa & Theresya
Please carefully follow our instructions below:

• Hand-wash using natural detergents such as lerek or soapnut
• Wash in cold water up to 30°C/86°F
• Colour transfer might be expected, wash separately
• Dry clean is recommended
• Do not bleach
• Line dry in shade
• Do not tumble dry
• Iron medium to high temperature between 148˚C/300˚F to 204˚C/400˚F
• For spot cleaning, gently dab the area with water (do not rub)
• Dyed fabric needs to be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid excessive fading
• Always store the fabric in a dry condition (not humid)