Suasana dapur klasik dengan bunga kering menghiasi dinding, dilengkapi dengan meja makan yang dihiasi taplak meja kotak-kotak berwarna pink.

A Letter from Melur

I can hear the children's footsteps from afar. I can hear the leaves rustle, and the birds sing. I can smell nature surrounding us in the green fields under the blue skies.

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From soil to soil, from thread to thread. There grows a house of weavers with the most imaginative minds and gifted hands—working persistently from generation to generation, all across Indonesia.

Ruang tamu bergaya pedesaan yang didekorasi dengan bantal yang ditenun tangan bernuansa sederhana dan lembut di atas sofa tiga dudukan berwarna putih.


Invite your guests to spend a day in a home serenaded by the humble beauty of handcrafted textiles. Varying in natural textures and tones, these objects are made to create a lively arrangement that will complement the myriad collections of your memorabilia.

Sebuah meja makan di dalam vila bergaya Spanyol yang dihias penuh dengan bunga kertas bernuansa kuning dan perabotan antik


Inspired by both the routine and festive qualities of breaking bread to uplift the soul of the dining room as the heart of the house. The result is a melodious visual composition that both preserves the heritage it carries and elevates the fabric's traditional complexion.

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Explore our styling guides to easily recreate the looks you dream of in your own home. At the heart of everything we do, we believe that our home should be a specially curated space for the values we long for.



By creating designs that highlight and uplift the soul of traditional textiles, we want to make ways to sustain this priceless heritage. We offer special trade pricing as well as other services exclusive to our trade members.

Our trade program is open to all architects, interior designers, stylists, and other professionals in the hospitality and food and beverage industries. We also cater to retailers who wish to carry our brand as well as wholesale buyers.


Feel our textiles in your hands! Request a sample from our fabric collection before making a purchase.

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